How to Build Muscle Fast

At Goodlife Fitness, we believe that muscle building is the fundamental training method to shape your body. There are thousands of exercises and routines that can help you build muscle, from body weight-only trainings to ab exercises or P90x trainings to various kinds of reps… the list goes beyond imagination. This is why we created this guide about how to build muscle fast. We believe that the primary and the most efficient way to muscle pack is by following bodybuilding methods.

This doesn’t mean that, you will not be able to build muscle using different methods and  techniques but rather, if your goal is to increase the size of your muscles and develop a strong, hard and  muscular body quickly, then we strongly advise you to train like a bodybuilder.

And by mentioning a bodybuilder training, we don’t mean copying the training routines from fitness magazines that pro bodybuilders do. We know that most of the non-pro trainees weight train without steroids and if you follow the exercises in the magazines, you’ll do nothing more than over training yourself and get injured.  Actually even in some cases, by following the training routines of the professional body builders, you might end up losing muscle mass and most importantly: your motivation.

To build muscles naturally without the assistance of steroids,  you still need to train in a straight to the point program like a bodybuilder, but by applying  a few changes to your training exercises and nutrition plan.

Before we get into more details, let us remind you that, we do not advise any kind of drug usage for gaining muscles such as steroids human growth hormenes, thyroid hormones or any other kinds of drugs that need prescription. However, you can support your fitness training by using natural dietary supplements that can be purchased at grocery stores and health food stores and such as protein pills, creatine, most importantly vitamins and minerals

 Muscle Building Tips and Weight Training

To achieve rapid and continuous gains in muscle size and strength, heavy weight lifting with good form must be your first priority.   Heavy and  consistent training with barbells and dumbbells will help you to build up muscles and gain weight faster than any other exercises.

Don’t forget that If you are just starting out training with weights, you shouldn’t train more  than 3 days a week and always rest the next day after training. This will allow the muscles  that you’ve trained to recover and re-build  themselves before the next workout. If  you already have one or two years of experience in training, you can try training up to 4 days a week.

Try getting stronger in every workout routine or increasing the number of repeats  that you do. For example, if you’ve been working with the same weight for the past 2  months on bench press, then in order to continue getting bigger and stronger fast, you’ll have to either get  stronger on the bench press by increasing the weight or just by raising the number the repetitions higher than you did the last  time you were on the bench press.

If you want a stable progress in the gym, you can try increasing your weights every 2 to 3 weeks because your muscles will be able to handle more weight which eventually will enable you to gain muscles faster. However keep in mind that you do not want to overload yourself with heavy weights which will eventually cause injuries and muscle loss.

Have fun training!

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