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For people who is struggling with weight and who is ready to make amends to their lives. It’s probably the most effective weight loss program out there but it’s not magic pill. You’ll have to sweat, you’ll have to commit. Workouts are short and “cutting edge” and only 25-35 minutes long and only 2-3 times a week but they wouldn’t be effective if they were not this tough. Fortunately, if you do use it, you’ll see results.

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The Fat Burning Furnace System is featured in a 158 page long (without meal plans and recipes) guide which focuses primarily on fat loss, but also deals with building up lean muscles such as arms, legs, thighs, waist, and improving overall health and longevity.

The value of Fat Burning Furnace Program comes from two main components – nutrition and workouts.

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Fat Burning Furnace – Workouts and Exercises.

These are workouts that cause energy consumption within your body as you get to spend 500- 600 calories in 25-30 minutes. Your metabolism needs to recover this energy and it resorts to the source of a lot of energy and it starts burning fat. The special case about these workouts is that they cause such a strong energy deficit in your body that it is simply forced to burn fat during 2-3 days after you’ve finished doing your fat burning workout. This sums up to several thousands calories! You continue to be getting lean even when you sleep and eat! Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) increases so these extra-burnt calories allow you to workout only 2-3 times per week and don’t go on intense calorie cutting. These fat burning workouts not only burn the fat covering your body but also they significantly tone what’s underneath the fat such as arms,thighs, slim waist; leaving you with hard-toned firm lean and attractive body.

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You can do follower the workouts both in a gym and at home with only your body-weight with the same effectiveness.

The program contains dozens of photo guides of the workouts and you can upgrade to a video instruction package. There’s a “for seniors” guide and a “beginners” tutorial to provided with the main product.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – Diet (Nutrition).

While controling calories is part of the program, Fat Burning Furnace uses a different method by using various exercise routines and nutrition programs to increase your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). Nutrition allows you to be on a tasty and enjoying diet where you feel full with the difference that your food choices lead you to eating healthy foods that doesn’t cause insulin spikes that store fat. The guide provides an extensive set of workout programs which are structured specifically to increase your RMR. The nutrition is strategically designed to assist the workouts in increasing your RMR


  • You can work out in the gym and at home with the same effectiveness either with weights or using your own body-weight.
  • Short working out routines – 25-35 minutes 2-3 times per week. No long traditional cardio workouts
  • Solid nutrition plan based on comfortable eating of tasty and natural healthy foods.
  • Allows you to burn fat and shape muscles underneath (arms, legs, thighs, waist so you become lean and attractive.
  • Special workouts for total beginners to run-in into the program as intermediate and advanced workouts would be too tough for beginners.
  • Detailed meal plans with recipes.
  • 24/7 Email and online support in case you have questions.


  • Some workouts are tough, especially in the beginning and require serious effort.  But otherwise they wouldn’t be so effective.  Intensity is a key to cause permanent metabolism shifts. The negative point is that effective as they are you still have to do them. You still have to commit These workouts used by Olympic athletes and celebrities and all people needing fat loss to have a solid body.
  • Video demonstration of exercises included only in deluxe package.
  • Extra payment for physical version (ordered during checkout process).
  • Effective as it is, it’s not magic pill.
  • Doesn’t build enough muscle mass. If you want to lose fat and build serious ultimate mass at the same time, you can combine it with Muscle Gaining Secrets.


This book has been the best weight loss product on the market, and most probably it will stay that way in the future.

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