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If you already have some knowledge about nutrition and weight-loss methods and looking for high quality diet recipes then Metabolic Cooking is the perfect choice for you.

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We have been testing out the famous Metabolic Cooking Guide for 3 weeks, we loved the book, but just offering hundreds of recipes isn’t enough to cover a diet plan.

Diets suck to most of us and they fail because eating the same food over and over again is boring and they fails because they are not optimized properly for individual level. The weight we lose doesn’t come from losing the body fat but comes from the lean tissues such as muscles and internal body organs like heart, kidneys and liver .  Of course the less lean tissue we have, the less calories our body burns, which eventually makes the diet harder to maintain.

People diet not only to lose weight, but also to reduce the chance of health problems, but by losing enough lean tissues they might start to have health issues which creates more problems instead of solutions.

What is the Solution?  How can Metabolic Cooking help?

Even the best recipe book won’t guarantee weight loss if used alone.  You need to educate yourself  not only about the meals you eat, but also from planning & tracking your meals to portion control & meal timing daily and weekly. Metabolic Cooking covers literally HUNDREDS of RECIPESto generate motivation to diet and lose weight, will definitely make you excited about the meals you are going to eat. However, this is not enough to offer a full nutrition plan that you would follow not only to become fitter but also healthier. Even though the diets plan are very well established, they stay too general and lack of customization at individual level.

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What do you get in the Metabolic Cooking Package?

  • 9 Recipe Books: Breakfast, Chicken & Poultry, Fish & Seafood, Metabolicious Smoothies, Pork, Red Meat, Sides, Snacks, Vegetarian
  • 2 Salad Books: Metabolic Salad Builder, Metabolicious Calorie Free Dressings
  • 6 Quick Sheets: Cooking Glossary, Daily Food Log Template, Grocery Shopping Master list, Kitchen Wares, Online Grocery Shopping, Quick Recipe Finder, Weights & Measurements Conversions

Quick Overview


  • Simple easy to follow hundreds of recipes
  • Very tasty meals that are simple to prepare
  • Will work if your a vegetarian or meat eater
  • Will help you save money and become a great cook
  • Full time customer support
  • 60 day no questions asked refund policy


  • Seems more like a recipe book than a nutrition plan
  • No emphasis on a full time workout program to follow which is essential in losing unwanted fat.

If you have the basic knowledge about nutrition and weigh-loss methods; and looking for high quality nutrition recipes then Metabolic Cooking can be the guide for you. However if you are looking for  fully covered diet plan, try our Fat Burning Furnace Review

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