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Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia, has a well-structured and detailed content in his book. The only thing lacking from this formula for successful muscle gain is your hard work.

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The Muscle Gaining Secrets program or MGS for short, comes as an e-book which is supported with other seven free bonuses. The book is a 121 page long pdf file, is broken down into 19 chapters.

About The Author:

The author Jason Ferruggia is the famous Chief Training Adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine. In the first chapter of his book, Jason introduces himself and discusses his ambitions and struggles to gain muscle mass during his teen years and early adult life.

Check out a clip of the training that goes down at his gym…. pretty sick…

He states that through the muscle building secrets that he has learned, he was able to overcome the many training drawbacks that most fall into and is excited to share his knowledge on muscle building with others. Rest of the book cover all subjects that have to do with training such as warming up, training session length, exercise selection, rep speed, etc.

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The guide explains itself throughly thus allowing for a great perception, meaning that when you hit the gym, you won’t need to flip back and forth to try out the new methods. Actually, you will learn them the first time around. The material included covers every aspect of muscle gaining so you will not have to worry about the content quality.

If you follow all of the materials including the bonuses provided, you will experience significantly higher gains than just reading the main book. The methods for the nutrition plans and work out plans are excelently balanced so if you like simple directions instead of having to learn about the muscle groups and what-not, you can go that route too and gain the same excellent results. The exercise book itself is highly detailed and describes each workout over a 12 week period. (exercise explanations, warm up routines, resting, applicable nutrition to follow the exercises and so on.)

The content provided in the book is very broad and the ease of use is phenomenal. You really will learn a new health fact on every page, beginner or expert alike. The books cover every aspect of muscle building, so it is not very common that any questions might arise. However, there is even a Frequently Asked Questions section in the back of the main e-book that discusses questions if you have any uncertanity during your reading. Also, if you do have any questions or concerns or just need some help, within the package, a 24/7 online fitness forum is included. You can discuss fitness related issues with the other students, trainers and even Jason himself.

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  • 24/7 online fitness forum. Readers discuss their problems, gain and share valuable information.
  • Highly detailed workout guides, nutrition guides mapped out, covering to the smallest detail.
  • Great Value $47 price and excellent quality beats out the cheaper books and a few of the more expensive books.
  • Comes with a 60-day  money back guarantee. No questions asked!
  • Jason Ferruggia is a globally famous fitness trainer.


  • Its very hard to find cons in this book. The best muscle gaining resource you can rely on!
  • Not available in hard cover. Need to print out if you want to take it to the gym.

Conclusion Rating
5 stars
5 stars
Value For Money
5 stars
Overall Rating
5 stars

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