3 Essential Rules to Lose Weight

If you look for some information about weight loss or losing belly fat or getting a flat stomach, etc., you would definitely come across with one term: Metabolism.

What is metabolism and what is its relation with losing weight?

Metabolism is the energy production processes of the body which burn fat and other substances into energy to maintain vital functions. People who want to lose weight should know about metabolism is that muscle tissues uses up more calories to maintain themselves than fat tissues do. Therefore, the metabolism’s functioning pace depends on the amount of muscles compared to the amount of fat.

Now, that we know what metabolism is, and why its crucial in weight loss, we can examine how to increase metabolism pace to burn more calories.  Here are the 3 most effective ways to speed up your metabolism:

1. Nutrition Plan

The first thing about eating is you increase the number of your meals! You should divide the amount of food you consume everyday into more smaller portions rather than just only two or three big ones. When hungry, the body slows down the metabolism to reduce the calorie consumption. Therefore, by having smaller meals in short periods of time will maintain a high pace of metabolism. The ideal meal number is six.

Vitamin B, magnesium and some spices also situmulate metabolism activity. Consuming food rich in vitamin B and magnesium like meat, vegetables, whole grains, fish. etc. will situmulate the metabolism which will eventually help your body to consume more energy and burn calories.

2. Sleeping Habit

It has been proved that the body needs an average of 6 hours sleeping for optimal rest and recovery. When the body don’t have enough sleep, the stress hormone, cortisol will be produced. This slows down the metabolism. Moreover, constant lack of sleep will lead to serious stress causing dysfunctionality on various body functions.

3. Doing Exercises

Exercises might be the most important of all three essential rules. By doing exercises, the body consumes energy and the metabolism rate increases to break down the fat ro produce energy. Unlike muscle gain methods,  cardio exercises are main remedy for weight loss. By following exercises with high repeat counts, the body will be situmilated to increase the pace of the metabolism and burn body fat to produce energy.

This article is written as an introduction to weight loss exercises and covers only a small glimpse of the subject. If you are looking for a complete weight loss plan then please check our review section.

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